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It all started innocently enough in June of 2009. I had about two dozen Steve & Garry cassette tapes in a box that I had made to listen to while driving to college plus a handful of tapes that friends had sent me. Instead of just tossing them, I decided to experiment with converting them to mp3′s so I could have archive copies. After listening to shows that I hadn’t heard in almost 30 years I thought it would be a good idea to share, so I created this little place on the interweb and things just took off from there.

Offers to send tapes and mp3′s showed up in my email box often. One fan sent 3 boxes of over 500 tapes that sustained this site for much longer than I ever thought it would. The response to the site was awesome. Mostly, fans like myself who grew up listening to The Stever and loved the memories that came from listening to the old shows. Since then we have posted well over 600 hours of audio of Steve Dahl and the greatest radio team that ever existed, Steve & Garry.

I had some great email conversations in the background with Garry Meier, Dan Falato, Mark Czerneic, Roman Sawczak, “Young Bill” who did the sports report for a few months, Chet Coppock and several others.

Well, I knew at some point I would have to say goodbye and that time has come. I received a call from Steve’s lawyer with a request to shut down the site. It seems that SD wants to expand his offerings of older material and feels that a site that does the same thing for free will dilute his product. As always, follow the money.

Sure, I could argue all day long the fact that these were all recorded from the “Public Airwaves” and the “Fair Use” aspect of the copyright law but at the end of the day, Steve has money and a lawyer, and I don’t.

So I’d like to take a minute to thank those that made this site what it isĀ  was:

  • First, the fans and supporters. Without you, this site would have been done after I posted my two dozen tapes. Your emails and stories always were the highlight of my day.
  • The contributors. Especially Greg M who provided most of the material that you have been listening to for the past two years. Also, David H, Ted K, Douglas P, Ralph K, Pat Z, David H, Paul M, Andrew B, Larry T, Dennis M, Sean A, Zack, Joe Destruction and anyone who I may have missed here.
  • My wife, who never knew about SD until she met me and her patience and understanding in putting up with my fanatical obsession.

I still have several hundred hours of material that I have yet to hear for the first time so at least I won’t have to go cold turkey. And, who knows, something may change that would allow us to be back one day. So until then…

Peace & Love,



1/13/2013 – Thank you for all your emails, comments here and on Facebook including the comment left by Steve below.

1/19/2013 – Thanks to the Chicagoland Radio and Media site for the shout out. <LINK> (5th story down)

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33 Responses to “Fare thee well…”

  1. Ipokesmot says:

    Oh man, this really sucks. Especially that there’s 700 hours of stuff that have not been posted yet. If you would like you can send those mp3′s to me and I will distribute them myself through torrents. Luckily I saved every single mp3 on this site before the shutdown, so those WILL be going out someday. All is not lost folks!!

    Now I understand Steve’s position and I am a big fan of his, however as of now his archives cannot even come CLOSE to what’s on here. If it did I probably would get a subscription, but as of now there’s no way in hell. I am sorry to see Steve go Lars Ulrich and start crying “piracy”.

    So don’t fret folks, I have all the shows that were posted here so far, and I WILL get them out there somehow.

  2. Nancy says:

    That is too bad that you are being strong armed to do this, in order for a few extra bucks can be made. I don’t think your posting these clips of the show would make or break the lifestyle of Steve. You’re right – this was aired over public airwaves, so I believe it is fair game for anyone to hear it. That said, I am heartbroken I cant listen to these golden radio shows anymore. I really looked forward in hearing them every day. Steve and Garry were the pioneers in setting the tone for radio that we hear today – and yes, Howard Stern did swipe a lot from Steve. Steve was the original shock jock, not Howard.

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication in posting the shows – this gave me many hours of listening enjoyment. I will truly miss this!

  3. Steve Dahl says:

    While I appreciate the tribute that was offered up here, the fact is that I have spend a lot of time and money procuring the rights to all of my old shows. In short, I created them, I own them and I have the right to profit from them.

    Since we currently post an archival podcast every week and plan to make total access to ALL of the archives part of a premium subscription plan, I needed to ask Drew to take my clips off of his site. For the record, I did offer the option of keeping the clips under five minutes in length, but apparently that was not a route he wanted to pursue.

    In some cases, ownership was part of my agreement with the stations, in others, I had to procure the rights. In either case,obtaining the rights took money out of my own pocket. I have thousands of hours of material, including everything that was available on this site.

    You could always subscribe, and then none of you would have to go “cold turkey”. The first month is free and there are new shows everyday. That’s a workaround that makes sense to me, but ultimately it’s not free to you ($9.95 month).

    I would hope that as fans, you wouldn’t post material you don’t own on bit torrent sites, but that’s a bridge we’ll have to jump off when we get to it. Let’s try to not go there, okay?

    I am in show BUSINESS, and this is how I earn my living (especially now). I am not set for life, and I work hard everyday to figure out how to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of broadcast media. Sometimes, I have to do things that are neither fun nor easy, but they are for the good of both my business and my family’s future.

    Thanks for being fans, and for keeping what I hope is an open mind. A special thanks to Drew for all of his hard work. Sorry it had to end this way, but it did. SD

  4. Ted says:

    Steve and Garry were radio pioneers and radio legends.

    Steve and Garry changed the face of talk radio.

    Steve Dahl inspired Howard Stern in Detroit.

    I was considering subscribing to Steve’s site for the golden oldies, because quite honestly people, the new stuff sucks. But never now.

    Just for this “stong handed” tactic from Steve – I will NEVER subscribe to his podcast. He should retire – it is over.

    I will continue to listen to Garry Meier – WHO IS FAN FRIENDLY STEVE – and is happy for sites like these to exist. I have talked to him in person, email and on the phone and he deserves all Steve and Garry fans support on WGN.

    I will be leaving Steve’s email list next.

    All I have to say is how much fucking money does Steve need? He should be well worth millions and millions. Why do this to fans that have supported him over the year?. The next time I run into him in his hometown of Western Springs – I will voice my opinion, oh boy will I.

    Steve Fan – thanks so much for everything. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to share the Steve and Garry experience with my son and daughter. They have shared the laughs with me thanks to this site.


  5. Ipokesmot says:

    Steve – like I said, I understand your position. It’s your stuff and you can do what you want, and I respect you. But this really isn’t the way to go about it man. There’s probably only a handful of die-hard old fans like myself who regularly visited this site to get our fix. Even if I posted them to torrent sites there wouldn’t be enough interest for it to matter, so I won’t bother.

    I would be interested in paying the sub for total access to the archives, especially WLUP-AM 1000 stuff, which is rare even on here.

  6. bigeviljohn says:

    This sucks. I grew up listening to Steve and Garry and lived close to Comiskey Park the night of Disco Demolition. Dont understand why he wont let you continue on with this, no one is gonna subscribe to listen to his archives unless he make his site extensive with whole shows, not clips.

    I also dont understand how he feels this will impact him in any way shape or form concering his subscription service. He was happy to have people listening to his old stuff when he was off the radio for a few years yet know your violating his rights? And yes his new stuff quite frankly, sucks he just turned into a self promoting suburban guy whos kids really didnt make anything of themselves but being his kids and a wife who has a law degree yet never practiced? Oh well I enjoyed your show and really looked forward to 1984 which I remember fondly, (I was in seventh grade at the time) and I remember all the good times I had listening to him and Garry. Sorry if I come off so angry and insulting, just pissed he would even consider doing something like this to his fans

  7. Anthony says:

    Hey DAHL!! Stop being a faeg! I only deal in cash, you know dat.
    I need these shows to make the brawds giggle before I show dem my sawsidge..

    And whos dis smotpoke?

  8. Ipokesmot says:

    Bigeviljohn: I agree. I would consider subscribing as long as Steve posts full shows en mass, but not if it’s only small clips that are strung out once a week. So far I don’t see any evidence on his site of this “1000 hours”.

    Until then, I’m going to torture this Cabbage Patch doll.

  9. bigeviljohn says:

    Well I’m interested in getting all the stuff this site had yet to post, plus I’m missing from like July til the last post! ARGH! Hopefulyy there will be some way for me to get all the stuff that has yet to be posted heck I’ll even buy it if I have to! I did donate some stuff to this site early on before the big tape donation.

    And yes I would subscribe to Steves site for the archives but it has to be more substantial than what he is offering now. Full shows in chronological order OR at least a few choices each week from different years but WHOLE shows not ten or fifteen minutes.

    Hopefully some other fans can help me out with tape trading before Steve comes in with his lawyers. Geez man this whole situation really bugs me and to think the guy that runs this site did this all for FREE! Steve should kick in some of that friggin CBS money and give some to this guy! This site is way more entertaining than his contemporary stuff for the past couple of years and for GODS sake get friggin Brendon Greely and Buzz Killman OFF THE AIR! Brendon Greely sounds RETARDED! And I’m also torturing my Cabbage Patch Doll too!

  10. GMan says:

    It’s his legal property, yes?
    Then he has every right to do so.
    Not that you didn’t do a great job. You did.
    But it is his legal property that he was being nice enough to let you use for awhile.

  11. SteverFan says:

    SteverFan here, Thanks for all the comments. Interesting ideas are being presented. I hope SD is listening.
    A couple points…

    First off (@steve dahl), the option to only post 5 minutes snippets was never offered. But that is not really an option now is it? You can’t do any of your shows justice and present the duo that changed the face of radio in 5 minute snippets.

    And (@GMan), this site was a tribute site to present a historical perspective. I never asked for or charged a dime for what I did. All this site did was post 30 year old airchecks of radio shows that were recorded from the public air waves. There are a dozen aircheck sites out there that sell their airchecks. Copyrighted media (of all types) is being re-purposed every day (and for profit I might add). Google “Fair Use”.

    In the big picture, this was a tiny corner of the internet that got a very select and loyal following. And best of all, it allowed people to get to know what things were like during a time they may have missed or bring back some great memories. I think Steve Dahl got a lot of benefit from that.

    The thing I liked best about doing this was that this site made people happy. So many blogs are political, mean-spirited, preachy, one-sided or just plain stupid. We never did that here (heck, I never even took a shot a Stern on this site. I left that to you all :-) ) I felt that what I did was simply show the greatness of Steve Dahl & Garry Meier.

  12. Zack says:

    I have to say it was GREAT while it lasted. I’ve enjoyed many hours strolling down memory lane. Thank you for all of YOUR hard work… it’s not a small task to digitize hours upon hours of audio tape, no matter how entertaining the content. Thanks to you… and thanks to SD&GM for the years of entertainment they provided as a team on air in Chicago.

    Hasta luego, dude sickle. Keep rockin’!

  13. MATTY says:

    late bloomer here i started listening to steve in 1991-2 on 1000 from acoss lake michigan/gran haven!!!///i am a subscriber of steve dahl{charter at that}/ and the show now is still better then anything out there and as long as he keeps his characters alive in the current show//anthony/ben gay/steve paul/satan/that nerd weather guy(i loved when he was in that voice saying how sorry about giving wrong info before the weather service changed what corner of ur house to go to in event of a tornado)///and his new one wobbles the turkey//////i will continue to be a charter sub./anyone that says his current show isnt funny is just being stupid and mean spirited/////having said that, there was something soooo cool about following along in order thru the year and hearing things from the “time’ , like when he said” hey whats with all the video rental stores popping up?” etc.///not sure why steve inc. cant just work with steverfan and have another sub/ site///i would def. pay for shows in order like we had here///and to think i was just getting that phrase down..”nice paaaaatch”( takes alot to verbalize that,, hats off to stever)///i hope there is a way to keep in touch with steverfan//maybe just a fan site?////ps i would think that this archive site would have brought people to the subscribtion site not take away from it/

  14. MoMan48 says:

    SteverFan…Thank you so much for the hard work you put in this website. Yes those were the golden days for radio in Chicago. I started listening from the beginning (WDAI) or (WDIE) as Steve said after they changed to disco. I have mixed emotions about this situation. I really think that this site didn’t hurt Steve’s business, and his email seemed a little heartless. On the other hand it is/was his material. I don’t think I will subscribe to his podcast because listening to the show you had posted is how I prefer to remember Steve. Again…thank you for all that you have done…you provided me with many hours of enjoyment and laughter.

  15. Nancy says:

    Reply to Steve Dahl – I was one of your original subscribers to your podcast, but I lost interest in it when the original core group (except for Brendan) were gone. I liked the chit chat and everyday discussions you guys had. I also thought it was a little too heavy on the Chicago Sports discussion, so I decided not to renew. I guess I’ll just find another podcast more to my liking. To quote you, “Sorry it had to end this way, but it did.”

  16. Sorry to hear that it’s gone, but I completely understand Steve’s view, it is his material, he’s worked many years doing it as well as time and money archiving it, and as we both know, Drew, it is a time consuming process.

    I really don’t understand the people that are pissed off about it, or that refuse to listen to the podcast, there is no better version of the Steve Dahl show than this unedited, uncensored podcast, new crew or old. And it is just as easy as this site was, click play, or listen on an iPod or MP3 player, etc. It’s actually way easier and accessible than radio, plus you hear the whole show because you can pause, rewind, whatever.

    (By the way the former crew still has a podcast, I listen to it every week, @ http://theunloading.com )

    If anyone noticed the You Tube page, http://www.youtube.com/theoriginalshockjock stopped posting anything, and unlisted everything but a few random song parodies, as soon as Steve announced the archival shows just for this reason (though I’m glad this site continued for awhile!) The reason was to promote Steve, new or old, not to compete with him using his own material.

    Also, there are Descent Into The Archives shows that are full shows, it’s not all clips as someone else mentioned, it may not include news and all that stuff, but there are full shows. While I’m sure Steve would prefer people to subscribe, last I noticed you could still buy individual shows via iTunes, including the Descent shows (if that’s really all you wanted, but I’m telling you, you’re missing out if you don’t hear the new uncensored shows!)

    Anyway, thanks Drew, I know how long it takes to digitize these things, and we appreciate the effort. And thanks to Steve, no matter what anyone’s opinion is of him now, NONE OF THIS would have been possible without his pioneering efforts that effectively changed the face of comedy radio (and I have to say yet again, the podcast kicks ass, Kevin Matthews is great, nothing like uncensored Jim Shorts, classic, and all the other shows on his network rock! You’re missing out if you don’t listen, that’s my opinion, your mileage may vary.)

  17. MoMan48 says:

    Gee…I just read a posting from Steve that he played the audio of him and Garry pranking the Iran’s KFC…Boy it sure didn’t take long did it???

  18. Troy says:

    Thanks so much for letting me relive my youth spent sitting in a barn in rural Michigan with my little brother listening to this outrageous radio from the distant metropolis known as “Chicago”. I know it was a labor of love and snowballed into a niche community of folks who remember how ground breaking the show was. I’m disappointed that Steve used his leverage to shut the site down as there’s no way I’m paying to listen but know for a while you put a smile on my face everyday.

  19. Odie says:

    I’m sorry I heard about this site so late. I have a tape from the summer of ’78 of Steve at WDAI.

  20. John says:

    I’m not a lawyer or anything like that, so I can’t speak with authority on what amounts to a very unfortunate turn of events. It seems Common Sense would find nothing wrong with freely sharing material captured from the public airwaves between interested parties. It was free then and should be free now. For profit would be another story, indeed. But, this website never did nor never would have hurt him in any significant financial way. I have always been a BIG fan of Steve’s, but his move here has shown a side of him I find quite disappointing. I’ll never deny his great contribution to Chicago radio and the great times I personally had listening to his shows. It would seem to me though, Steve would be more considerate of his long time fans; and leave this site alone. I imagine I speak for many of his fans when I say; this move has soured my opinion of him. It’s hurtful, more than anything else. Are we not worth anything to him unless we can provide him with a small source of income???? What a disappointment. Oh, and SteverFan, Thanks for it all; your time, your spirit, your dedication, and on and on. It was GREAT!

  21. Greg M says:

    I recorded hundreds of cassettes of Steve and Garry from the air. I shared them with friends downstate. Eventually I’d get them back after they listened to them. I never considered re-using them because it was radio history. I was afraid they would deteriorate over the years. When I found this blog I was thrilled when Steverfan accepted the tapes to share with other fans. I enjoyed the shows when celebrities would join them, but I really listened for the day to day chat between Steve and Garry. What they did the previous night; the running commentary during Maggie Brock’s newscast; what was going on outside the studio window; even moments of room noise. Radio had devolved to the point that I was actually entertained by room noise! It took a lot of work on Steverfans part to cleanup the tapes and present them. Thanks Steverfan.

  22. Ipokesmot says:

    I guess it’s just typical sue-happy babyboomer syndrome, what’s ok for them is not ok for others. For example, Steve made a living of making fun of everyone and anything, but when Mancow made fun of Steve’s wife, they sued him.

  23. MoMan48 says:

    Man I can’t believe that Steve is posting (almost daily) that he is airing the “old” material on his present day show…HMMM…I wonder if you could get royalties for him using your idea of broadcasting his old material…LOL

  24. longlostchicagoan says:

    Too bad I just found out about this site AFTER it closed.You should just put it all on piratebay and let people download and share like it should be!

  25. GMan says:

    Once again – the property was not yours to air.
    It doesn’t matter of others have done it or not or if you charged for it or not. You aired more than just ‘air checks’ – you aired complete shows.
    You did a good job and it was fun and all that but it’s his property to do with what he see’s fit.
    The new Dahlcast is great and I am happy to subscribe to it.
    Maybe Steve is setting something up so that all old Steve and Garry shows will be accessible – I would wait and see what he does next before jumping down his throat.

  26. Say it ain’t so!

    A sad, final ending for the decades spent listening to these guys. Also spent a lot of hard-earned $$$$ on their tickets, records, shirts etc. over the years.

    Hey Steve Dahl,

    Thank you for the countless entertainment. However, you seem to be slowly transforming into Henry F. Potter

    Its a small group of loyal listeners here trying to “recapture a little glory”, we’re next standing in Death’s batting box and it was nice to have around. No offense about your podcasts, but this is about nostalgia and getting to hear the old shows almost on a daily basis was a great lift. Its been a fun run, thanks and see ya.

    THANK YOU so much for all your work and effort in the site. I looked forward to listening almost each and every day and now will miss your site a great deal.

  27. Ipokesmot says:

    True story about a CABBAGEE PATCHHHH…

    In 1985 a friend and I were having huge laughs throwing my sisters Cabbage Patch Doll into the living room ceiling fan. It would spin for a bit then slam into the wall lol. That was until one of the fan blades snapped and crashed onto the floor. I ended up telling my Dad it was an accident and I was twirling my drums sticks heh.

    Anyways I haven’t bought a sub to Steve’s site yet, he only posts one classic clip a week! Bleh.

  28. Pete M. says:

    Stever, I am (was) one of your biggest fans. I subscribed and then left after I realized – your new stuff is not good. You were the best there was on WLS/WLUP, but you and Garry had something special – I’m old enough to understand that now. You both got greedy – and you screwed it up. It’s good to be a BUSINESSMAN – try being an ENTERTAINER. If you didn’t know the old stuff was bringing them in, you wouldn’t be so protective. To me, this is an admission that your new offering isn’t enough to get subscribers. Iheartradio hurts your podcast plans by offering alternatives for free. Concentrate less on the past and more on how to make yourself relavant again. Listening to you just made me sad – that is why I cancelled my subscription. Listening to these past tapes (rose bowl, christmas carol) made me happy – now that is gone too. Bad decision to keep on ticking off a dwindling fan base that was surprising loyal to you in your attempts to resurface. I think your best bet now is to eat some pride – try to get a radio job again and try to find some young side kick who might put up with you and add to the show like Garry did. The reason your podcast isn’t working, leaving behind a cast of bitter ex employees doing their own podcasts now – is that you truly are DULL to listen to, not DAHL to listen to.

  29. Ipokesmot says:

    Hey DAHL.. let’s make a deal. Either allow this site to continue, or I’ll post the entire archive on foreign servers, far out of the reach of US copyright.

  30. bigeviljohn says:

    Oh for God’s sake please do that!

    I have been going bonkers without my daily dose of classic Dahl and I think its a damn shame it had to come down to this site being shut down.

    I am not a fan of the older Steve Dahl and his extremely annoying wife (who the f**k cares what she has to say about anything) and would love to get some more classic episodes.

    The only way I would ever subscribe to his show is if he put up full shows unedited and went chronologically like this site did. Been a Dahl fan from his beginning( god I’m getting old) and it was a real treat to hear those old shows not only for him but for the history of 80′s radio here in Chicago.

    Please someone do something!

  31. Ipokesmot says:

    bigeviljohn: right on man. I’ll wait a while before I open the floodgates, maybe Steve will come to his senses.

    As far as Janet, I agree 100%. Jesus H Christ, that woman was why ball gags were invented LOL.

  32. Ipokesmot says:

    For those of you interested in the surviving archive:

  33. Ipokesmot says:

    The Archive has a NEW mirror site!

    They keep on deleting, we just make more LOL.