Fare thee well…

January 12th, 2013



It all started innocently enough in June of 2009. I had about two dozen Steve & Garry cassette tapes in a box that I had made to listen to while driving to college plus a handful of tapes that friends had sent me. Instead of just tossing them, I decided to experiment with converting them to mp3′s so I could have archive copies. After listening to shows that I hadn’t heard in almost 30 years I thought it would be a good idea to share, so I created this little place on the interweb and things just took off from there.

Offers to send tapes and mp3′s showed up in my email box often. One fan sent 3 boxes of over 500 tapes that sustained this site for much longer than I ever thought it would. The response to the site was awesome. Mostly, fans like myself who grew up listening to The Stever and loved the memories that came from listening to the old shows. Since then we have posted well over 600 hours of audio of Steve Dahl and the greatest radio team that ever existed, Steve & Garry.

I had some great email conversations in the background with Garry Meier, Dan Falato, Mark Czerneic, Roman Sawczak, “Young Bill” who did the sports report for a few months, Chet Coppock and several others.

Well, I knew at some point I would have to say goodbye and that time has come. I received a call from Steve’s lawyer with a request to shut down the site. It seems that SD wants to expand his offerings of older material and feels that a site that does the same thing for free will dilute his product. As always, follow the money.

Sure, I could argue all day long the fact that these were all recorded from the “Public Airwaves” and the “Fair Use” aspect of the copyright law but at the end of the day, Steve has money and a lawyer, and I don’t.

So I’d like to take a minute to thank those that made this site what it isĀ  was:

  • First, the fans and supporters. Without you, this site would have been done after I posted my two dozen tapes. Your emails and stories always were the highlight of my day.
  • The contributors. Especially Greg M who provided most of the material that you have been listening to for the past two years. Also, David H, Ted K, Douglas P, Ralph K, Pat Z, David H, Paul M, Andrew B, Larry T, Dennis M, Sean A, Zack, Joe Destruction and anyone who I may have missed here.
  • My wife, who never knew about SD until she met me and her patience and understanding in putting up with my fanatical obsession.

I still have several hundred hours of material that I have yet to hear for the first time so at least I won’t have to go cold turkey. And, who knows, something may change that would allow us to be back one day. So until then…

Peace & Love,



1/13/2013 – Thank you for all your emails, comments here and on Facebook including the comment left by Steve below.

1/19/2013 – Thanks to the Chicagoland Radio and Media site for the shout out. <LINK> (5th story down)